My fetish list!

 Here's a list of play that I'm into! If you don't see your interests on this list - email me to ask. My areas of interest are always evolving and expanding! 


adult baby (giving)

aftercare (everything to do with it)

anal (watching)

anal beads (giving)

anal stretching (watching others wear)

ass play (giving)

ass to mouth (watching)

ball gags (watching others wear)

ball kicking (giving)

ball stretching (giving)

ball-busting (giving)

bare bottom spanking (giving)

bare handed spanking (giving)

barefoot ball-busting (giving)

bathroom use control (giving)

begging (receiving)

behavior modification (giving)

belt spanking (giving)

biting (giving)

blindfolds (giving)

bondage (giving)

bondage tape (giving)

breast spanking (giving)

breast/nipple play (giving)

bruises (giving)

butt plugs (watching others wear)

caging/confinement (giving)

candle wax (giving)

cbt (giving)

chastity (watching others wear)

clamps and clips (watching others wear)

clothespins (giving)

cock and ball torture (giving)

cock-sucking (watching)

collars (giving)

control (everything to do with it)

corner-time (giving)

corporal punishment (giving)

crawling (watching)

cross-dressing (watching others wear)

crying (watching others)

deep throating (watching)

degradation (giving)

discipline (giving)

domination (giving)

duct tape (giving)

edge play (watching)

edging (watching)

eye contact restrictions (giving)

face slapping (giving)

fear (watching others wear)

female supremacy (everything to do with it)

femdom (everything to do with it)

feminization (giving)

fishnets (wearing)

flogging (giving)

foot and boot worship (receiving)

foot domination (giving)

foot massage (receiving)

fur (wearing)

gagging/choked (giving)

gags (giving)

hairbrush spanking (giving)

handcuffs (giving)

high heels (wearing)

high protocol (everything to do with it)

hoods (watching others wear)

human astray (giving)

human furniture (receiving)

humiliation (giving)

ice cubes (giving)

impact play (giving)

leather (wearing)

leaving marks (giving)

light bondage (giving)

light medical (giving)

maid uniforms (watching others wear)

male submission (everything to do with it)

massage (receiving)

mistress/slave (giving)

obedience training (giving)

objectification (giving)

online play (everything to do with it)

ordered to masturbate (giving)

orgasm control (giving)

orgasm denial (giving)

paddling (giving)

pain (giving)

panty selling (giving)

pantyhose/stockings (wearing)

punishment (giving)

remote-control devices (watching)

riding crops (giving)

rope bondage (giving)

sadism (everything to do with it)

scratching (giving)

sensation play (giving)

sensory deprivation (giving)

service-oriented submission (receiving)

single tail whips (giving)

sissification (watching others wear)

slapping (giving)

small penis humiliation (giving)

smoking (giving)

Speech restriction (giving)

spitting (giving)

strap-ons (wearing)

submission (receiving)

tease & denial (giving)

tens unit (giving)

tickling (giving)

tit slapping (giving)

verbal humiliation and degradation (giving)

vibrators (everything to do with it)

violet wand (giving)

wax play (giving)

webcam (everything to do with it)

Hard limits:  Theses are some of my limits. Don't ask for any of this. Respect my limits and I will respect yours. 

-Pussy/ass/breast worship

-Scat play/human toilet/flatulence/enemas

-Soiled diaper changing

-Most piss play or water sports

-Anything to do with blood, animals or person under 18

-Anything to do with menstruation open wounds


-Race, rape, religion or under age play

-Fisting of any kind


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