Micro Man (sph)

 The headline says it all! But for the sake of writing an entry...I'll go in to some details.  A few weeks back you may have seen an image I posted that's supposed to be a penis. When I first saw it, it looked like a huge clit..which would have been awesome! But it wasn' was his uber tiny member. And it caught me by surprise when my eyes laid on that microscope Johnson. I said to myself, "he didn't specifically ask for SPH, but I've I've to make fun of it..I've got too!" To my pleasure, he was fine with SPH...phew!! Because it would have been hard not to make fun of that sad thing.  After some impact warm ups we moved on to some CBT...but there is basically no C to T...however, I'm a good Domme and good Dommes make it happen. But before making it happen, I had to send a photo of this "penis" to my sister, Nyx. I had to share it with someone and I wanted her to see just how my day was going. She replied in disbelief! I remember t

Please, no marks.

 Hi, My name is Vidian Vixen and I’m a Corporal Dominatrix. But you knew that already!! If you don’t want marks, but you want or are Ok with impact play - you need to understand that theres a possibility that you will leave with a mark or two. Granted some light impact play will leave a mark that will likely be gone by the time you make it to your next destination, but the only guarantee that there will be no marks is not playing with impact toys. And I just don't want to play with people who aren’t open to some pain.  Maybe you have sensitive skin, maybe you’ve never played with light or medium impact before and your skin tells you within the first few moments that you aren’t going to be able to play with impact without some markings. You just have to be open to the possibility that you’ll leave with something somewhere to remember me by.  With that being said - when a client comes in and they are new to me or new to seeing a pro domme and they tell me that they don't want mar

New video interview - Now LIVE Nyx and I had a good time talking to Nicolas from Your Kinky Friends on her birthday last month.  Take a listen — maybe you were referenced (anonymously of course) 

What a slut!

 My sister, Nyx and I had a wonderful session the other night! A double domme with a gent we renamed “Brandy” for the night. We picked that name because it sounds like a really slutty name - Brandy, to us, is a 40 something mother who’s partied hard her whole life and despite having kids and responsibilities. Brandy just can not stop partying and is constantly roaming dive bars for some new dick. Brandys children dont even call her mom, just Brandy since they dont respect her. She’s always bringing home new boyfriends that last 2 weeks while telling her kids that they should be calling him “Dad.” Brandy still does lines on the weekend and comes home with her hair in shambles, holes in her tights and one heal broken off her shoe. She’s a real party girl who dresses like she belongs on the hood of a El Camino listening to White Snake taking loads in her ass from bikers. AND Brandy just happened to visit us on International Women’s Day so it seemed appropriate to focus on some forced fem

High Protocol Domme

 I’m just going to say it.... I AM A HIGH PROTOCOL DOMINATRIX.  If you don’t know what that means - you need to further educate yourself in kink/bdsm. But since you are here this is what it means.   “ A strict dictionary definition would be, “a code prescribing strict adherence to a pre-determined etiquette.” In the BDSM context, protocols are the rules of behavior for Masters/Mistresses and slaves“ So now you know what High Protocol means.  When I get a text that simply says “you available” its an automatic red flag for me and I likely wont reply to you since you clearly haven’t done any homework about me before reaching out. It tells me that you are uninterested in a real mistress/sub experience and that you probably woke up with a hard dick...watched some femdom porn and texted every domme on to see which one would get back to you first. It tells me you are untrained and likely unwilling to learn any dif

Double Domme Special!

 My sister and I have decided to offer special pricing for our Kent Island location. If you dont know already - Temptress Nyx is my sister and we offer double domme services to many clients. We want to session at our residential location more often so were offering a special.  These tribute options are ONLY valid for subs who book at Kent Island with me and Nyx. Do not even ask us if its an option for Columbia - the answer NO.  60 minutes (Vidian only) - $200 ———(I do not offer to 60 minutes in Columbia) 90 minutes (vidian only) - $250 90 minutes double domme - $400 2 hours (Vidian only) $350 2 hours double domme - $500 If you want to book either of us or both of us you need to follow protocol which is outlined on our websites.

All the fun things...

 Sessions are great and they are the bulk of my work, but did you know that I offer much more?! I offer couples sessions - they are actually my favorite type of session. I love being the “3rd wheel” and playing with a couple that has few boundaries between the two of them. I offer these sessions in two way.. One: at one of my dungeon spaces.  Two: at your home! There’s some vetting and interviewing, but yes - I will come to your home with my black bag of tricks and dicks and session or teach in the comfort of your own home.  I offer party services. For example: a gal group gets together and want to know what its like to be a domme or swing a can hire me and I’ll bring my submissive, we will come to your home and I will give you all lessons on the art of domination. You get to swing a flogger, use a paddle...etc.  Domme training: I love being a mentor. I think the only true way to become a pro domme is through mentorship. I offer domme training. Get nearly 24 hour access t